De Hoge Veluwe National Park

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De Hoge Veluwe” is a region in the centre of the Netherlands consisting of several nature parks, estates, farmlands and countryside villages. Some parks are state owned and some privately owned like “National Park De Hoge Veluwe”, owned by a foundation taking care of a rather large piece of the region although only 1/20 of the total Veluwe area.

Lots of pine with a Great spotted woodpecker.

What use have Park lists:

Our idea is to enter park information into RikenMon’s Nature-Guide. Currently you can search based on what you have seen but alternatively, you can find something of your interest and discover where it can be seen. Suppose you would like to see a Wisent, find it in the App and discover which park offers the possibility to watch this animal Clicking on the park will also show all other nature to witness in that park, great idea! This is our first park we are entering.

RikenMons blog hoge veluwe
Lots of animal tracks in fast sand dunes.

National Park “De Hoge Veluwe” is maintained by the entry fees collected at the gate. Almost 10 Euro raises our expectations. Unfortunately, cars are not barred and very present in the park partly due to the small fee for them. Although cars are not allowed on all roads we did not manage to avoid them, even on a weekday outside the holiday season.

White bikes, free use in the park.

Each visitor is allowed to use the white bikes with sturdy tyres and adjustable saddles, very good and more important available at several places inside the park. Due to the size of the park, a bicycle gives the opportunity to see most of the various scenes in a day. Inside the park (but not in the entrance fee) there is an art museum and hunting lodge as well. Both are an attraction on its own, but we fail to see how to manage that in one day.

1) Spawn, 2)Hair moss, 3)the compass on top of a water reserve is a calm piece full place in the park. There is a footpath over the small hills where we saw the great spotted woodpecker.

Unfortunately, we did not see much wildlife. According to the information there should be herds of deer and sheep, many birds and much more. The informative website shows three key items of which nature is one, but perhaps we were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The free visitor centre is spacious and with a rather old collection of stuffed animals, but it also contains a very nice museum called “museumonder”. It is very informative of the geological region with a focus on children’s entertainment.

RikenMons blog hoge veluwe
The “museumonder” with tree roots and lots of displays and fun info.


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