How to update the app?

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In summertime there is so much to see: damselflies, frogs, ladybugs and so on. Together with the long summer daylight of Europe and the welcome warmth or just because we work hard: there are an enormous amount of text and picture changes in the app.


New animals, new photos, better texts and now and from time to time the occasional error correction. Fortunately updating the app is very easy, and it should be since there are a lot of animals within Europe and its is hard to predict where and when you will see them.


So how to update your phone with the latest info:

Make sure you have a good internet connection, preferably without data costs. Go to the start page and select the menu Settings, select update check, select ok and the updates are installed.

After this the latest photos of the various categories can be installed on your phone enabling the app functionality without connection. Again in the menu select download pictures and if OK you will see the photos as they are downloaded. Enjoy your completely updated app.


If you don’t have the app yet this is a link where you can get it.

Obviously if you want to know what can be found and how convenient it all works just come to our webpage  From our blog there is a direct link in the menu top right, click on the icons to get there.



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