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RikenMon blog locatiezoeken

A new version of the APP is available! Most users will receive this update automatically.

If not go to the app store and find RikenMon’s Nature Guide App or use following links for Playstore or iTunes and update. You now have the latest version of the guide with some exciting new features!

RikenMon blog locatiezoeken

You can find Roe deer troughout Europe but they are not in Ireland.

What’s new in the latest RikenMon’s Nature Guide app?

Of course, there are new animals, added bird shapes and better photos and information for a lot of animals. But also in this update, you can start using a location filter!

1) The Mole has a wide distribution but not in the far north or far south of Europe. 2) The squirrel can be found all over Europe.

Search with a location is only possible for the categories Mammals and Reptiles & Amphibian. Adding locations takes a lot of time so expect the remaining categories shortly, we are working on it.

What is searching by location?

A lot of European animals just live in some parts of Europe. Some can be found everywhere but others just live near water, in mountainous areas or prefer the colder north or warmer south. So although they are all European animals, they don’t occupy the same areas.

1) Location filter on Android, 2)Location of the Coypu in Europe. 3) Of course also availble on iOS.

Imagine you are in East Germany, there is a significant change you will see different animals as in, for example, northern France. So open the Mammals category and select the filter, you will find a map of Europe. Use the arrows to go to your location or use the GPS on your phone (automatically jump there). Start your search, and it will only show you the mammals of the selected area. Besides that, at the end of each mammal record (in details screen) you can now see where the animal can be found in Europe.

1) You can see the Alpine marmot in central Europe. 2) The Coypu has a rather different area.

The complete manual of the RikenMon’s Nature Guide is available for iPhone and Android, we hope you enjoy it!



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