European animals


RikenMon's Nature Guide for Android en iPhone is in the store!

Nature-Guide European Animal App for Androïd and iPhone.



  •  Over 800 European animals.
  •  Devided in usefull categories being: Birds, Butterflies, Mammals Reptiles + Amphibian and Bugs.
  •  Multiple search entries specific to each category.
  •  A clear overview of all family members.
  •  Easy access to Look Alikes.
  •  Over 4000 photos and a short description of each animal.
  •  English and Dutch language supported.
  •  Tagging specific animals with your own note.
  •  Photos can be enlarged to view details.
  •  Available for phone and tablet.
  •  1 year of free data updates so you have the latest records.
  •  By preloading the photos the App can be used without internet connection.
  •  If the memory is needed the photos can be removed easily.
  •  Reloading the database is now possible.