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Flora and Fauna of Andalusia

After two winter months travelling around in southern Spain, we are surprised with the number of new animals and plants that we have been able to add to our Nature Guide. Spain has a lot of flora and fauna that can not be found in the rest of Europe, but very ordinary to northern Africa.

RikenMon Blog Sierra Espuña

Walking the Sierra Espuña.

The Sierra Espuña is a mountain range located in the south-east of Spain, not directly at the coast so in winter it can be a little cold. In the early days, snow was stored here to become ice in winter that subsequently was used in surrounding cities like Murcia. Fortunately for us today it was not freezing!

RikenMon blog kruisbek

50 Red crosbills!

While walking in the woods of Gees (Drenthe, the Netherlands), to our surprise we noticed several groups of crossbills flying between firs and oak over our heads.

RikenMon blog Camargue

The Camargue

The Camargue is an area in southern France on the Mediterranean coast, right next to Marseille. For years, it has been an area known for bird lovers because there is such a variety of birds. So it was about time we visited the Camargue!

RikenMons blog Kennemerduinen

The Kennemer dunes in National Park Zuid-Kennemerland

A beautiful day in March with sun and not too windy, and some time to discover the “Kennemerduinen” which is part of national park “Zuid-Kennemerland”. Looking for the best place to enter we find the visitors centre, with an ample parking and the start of several walks. One of them leading to the beach.

RikenMons blog hoge veluwe

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

De Hoge Veluwe” is a region in the centre of the Netherlands consisting of several nature parks, estates, farmlands and countryside villages. Some parks are state owned and some privately owned like “National Park De Hoge Veluwe”, owned by a foundation taking care of a rather large piece of the region although only 1/20 of the total Veluwe area.

RikenMons blog Waarom

Why RikenMon’s Nature Guide

Some years ago we decided to travel and discover the world. The idea was to sell our belongings and just leave our hectic little country. We worked hard and put all of our savings apart. After some time we were ready to go, economics had changed, and the economic crisis began. At this period, however, we were confronted with some personal reasons to stay connected to Europe. We decided to travel with our small camper through Europe, and there was still a lot to discover as well! We had a couple of great summers in Europe and stayed for the winters in Africa for the better climate.

RikenMons blog android app klaar

How to update the app?

In summertime there is so much to see: damselflies, frogs, ladybugs and so on. Together with the long summer daylight of Europe and the welcome warmth or just because we work hard: there are an enormous amount of text and picture changes in the app.